Top Secret Super Agent

I can only run on anger for so long. Being angry wears me out. I’m going to listen to True Dreams of Wichita and Screenwriter’s Blues before I go get my hair cut at 6:30 at night after an eleven hour day at work. Why am I getting my hair cut? I’m going on my first real business trip tomorrow. It’s a short trip, leaving Dulles at 8:45am and leaving LaGuardia at 4:30pm. I don’t expect to even have time to get a NY street pretzel or an authentic piece of NY Pizza. I’ll hopefully be able to tell you all about it after it’s over. And if I can’t, you’re welcome to guess.

Did you know it’s 5am and you are listening to Los Angeles?

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  1. “It’s 5 AM and you are listening to Los Angeles” used to be the text that ran across my monitor when the screensaver kicked in.
    Good choices. 🙂

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