Crying Over Muppet Songs

Now for something completely different. I found out quite a while ago that the classic Muppets song ‘Rainbow Connection’ tends to make one of my brothers cry. — Heather’s Blog

I admit it. I cry whenever I hear The Rainbow Connection. I have since I first saw the movie at the age of four (in 1979) when it came to the little base theater in Germany (I thought it was Iceland, but since I was four, it must have been Germany).

It makes me cry for many of the same reasons my little sister is inspired by it. It’s a hopeful song about finding our perfect selves, that place we know we’re supposed to be. Of course, I didn’t think this at 4, but the song still made me cry. It’s inspirational lyrics are countered by an almost melancholy tune. It feels like Kermit knows what he’s supposed to be, but he’s stuck in a swamp, on a log with a banjo. It’s a confusing mix of hope and pessimism that captures exactly my feelings about my perfect self. There are things I know I should be and do that I’m not doing – for a multitude of reasons. I will never be my perfect self. I will always be a frog plucking a banjo on a log looking for rainbows.

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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. Hmm Rainbow Connection… Doesn’t ring a bell. Dang. I took pride in my vast history of all of the Muppets movies 🙁

  2. Go rent the original Muppet Movie. It’s the best of the Muppet ouvre, really. Rainbow Connection is near the beginning of the film (it may be at the very beginning – it’s been a while since I’ve watched it).

  3. I tear up every damn time I hear “Rainbow Connection”. I also blubber shamlessly over “Freshmen” by the Verve Pipe.
    Just can’t help it..

  4. Oh that song leaves a huge lump in my throat. it’s close to the beginning of the muppet movie. If you are a true muppet historian, don’t know how you could miss this one. I do place Gonzo’s “I’m going to go back there someday” right up there though. Now here’s a question for you all though. My son wants to do either one for a choir solo for next year – pass the hankies beforehand. I can find plenty of sheet music for Rainbow but it’s hard to find I’m going to go back there someday. Anyone know any books that might have that one. His choir teacher usually assigns the solos but said if he can come up with the music he can do the one he wants.
    Thanks, Sharon

  5. i cry like a baby every time i hear that song, and i listen to it constantly, i love it.

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