Disappointing Games

Max and I rented a couple games this week to play while I was off. We got Jak II and Lethal Skies 2. We were hoping to get SSX3, but they didn’t have it yet. I’m sad to bring you these reviews, because I had such high hopes for these games. I really did. So, let’s get this over with:

Lethal Skies 2: This game’s pretty fun, and the graphics are great. The only thing missing in the rental is that Blockbuster doesn’t provide instruction booklets or even a little instruction on the back for most games. I’m completely stuck because I can’t find the button combination to use the air brakes. Without them, I can’t land, which means I can’t finish mission four. So… this one’s not even the game’s fault. Stupid Blockbuster. Maybe I’ll do gamefly. Hopefully, they provide some kind of manual.

Jak II: Max and I loved the first one. Jak and Daxter is one of the all-time great platformers. The story is great, the characters were funny, and it was just hard enough to be challenging without being impossible. It was the first game we bought when we got the PS2. We played it for months. So, when I heard the sequel was coming out, I was psyched. Holy crap, am I disappointed. They tried to up the maturity level, so there’s a lot more rust, guns, flying things, and grim, big-eared bad guys. Max didn’t like it right off the bat, and I tired of it after the first hour. This game is a lot harder than the first, and it’s hard from the beginning. The story isn’t as compelling from the start like the first one, and it just falls flat.

I’m really looking forward to SSX3. Tricky was the second game we bought, and we still play it. It’s that much fun.

And yes, I’m still working on the community site… It’s slow going, but I have a logo, and am working on creating a new template. I’ll give y’all more details on what I’m doing when I get closer to launch.

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