Home Alone

If I weren’t sick, this might actually be fun. Why is it that I get sick
whenever I take time off? My boss calls it “executive syndrome” – I call
it some form of twisted natural justice. It’s not fair. It’s annoying. I
have a horrible sore throat, a fever, bodyache – yeah, you know, the
flu. It’s the beginning of October and I have the flu. Bleagh.

Sick or not, I’ve got a story. Go look at
and then come back. I know it’s fuzzy. The Sidekick has a crappy
camera, I know, but you should be able to make out the
bumper-to-bumperness of the traffic. That’s the LDS Temple in the
background there. That was Friday night. That’s when Jen and Max were
supposed to go to Tucson Friday night. Their flight took off from
BWI at 5:35pm. We left the house at 2:30. It USUALLY takes an hour to
get to BWI, with traffic, the longest it’s taken us is two hours. It
took us three and a half hours to get there. Needless to say,
they missed their flight.

They made it yesterday in exactly 65 minutes. They? Oh yeah, my dad
drove them to the airport because I couldn’t breath or keep my eyes

Happy vacation to me…

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