Football Notes

Watching football, curled up on the couch with the laptop catching up on blogs, e-mail, etc and I just noticed that CBS’s new penalty notice underneath the little scorebox in the top corner of the screen looks just like a piece of corn on the cob. CBS, what’s up with that? Are you being paid by ADM to make me want corn?

Oh, and Sam Madison’s interception, picking the ball up from the bounce off his teammates back with a leap OVER him was the coolest defensive play I’ve seen in a long time. Good golly, I love me some football.

Relatedly, I watched NFL Countdown this morning, and they showed Rush’s comment from last week that led to all the brouhaha, and his resignation. A bunch of critics have said that the other people on the show didn’t protest enough. Seeing the replay, I think that Tom Jackson and Steve Young responded correctly. They didn’t respond to the racial aspect of it, because they didn’t recognize that part of it at the time. But, both Jackson and Young both responded very strongly in football terms, defending McNabb’s ability – which I think was the right way to respond to it whether or not they caught the racial aspect of it or not.

It’s a football show. They’re former football players. They responded in football terms. Makes sense to me. I also think that the response from especially Tom Jackson this morning was spot-on. They addressed it at the open of the show before the opening credits, which was perfect. After they addressed, it they ran the opening credits and got down to football. Perfect.

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By Kevin Lawver

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