What Blowout?

I sure am glad I stayed up… that was one amazing game. The Colts came back from 21 points down with 4 minutes left in the fourth quarter and won! That was some insane football. Better yet, I’ve got Marvin Harrison in my fantasy league.

I was none too happy with my fantasy league. I missed the draft, and the software didn’t save my rankings, so I didn’t get any of “my” players. But, through picking up some well-time free agents, my team’s doin’ OK. I’ve got David Boston and Marvin Harrison, who both scored 29 points this weekend, and Michael Pittman who I picked up as a free agent two weeks ago. I’m three and one now (we missed the first week with a late start) and am pretty happy with the team I’ve got.

Off to make phone calls, and maybe to the movies this afternoon.