Once Upon a Time in Mexico

This afternoon’s “Movie Matinee That Jen Doesn’t Want To See” was Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and it was a blast. Johnny Depp was great as the effortlessly slimey CIA agent, Antonio should only play “El”, and Salma Hayak was beautiful in her short stay on the screen in flashbacks. The action didn’t seem as spontaneous or as un-choreographed as I would have expected, but it was still exciting.

This is a go – in – sit – down – disengage – brain – engage – popcorn – popping – testosterone – action – guy – gene – and – enjoy movie. This is not a deep film, although it tries at the end – it fails completely to be politically relevant to anyone. I’m fine with that. This movie was a lot of fun. Willem Dafoe sneers his way through yet another villain role, and the side story with Mickey Rourke and Ruben Blades was more compelling and better acted than the main plot.

Friday, I’ll be at the first show of Kill Bill if anyone wants to come with me.

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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. i’m so jealous!! hubby has next monday (columbus day) off, so i’m taking a vacation day, and we’re planning to go see “kill bill” then, when 1/2 the population is at school & work (and the other 1/2 are government workers like hubby who will have the day off, too).
    we’re going to the maryland renaissance faire in crownsville on saturday, too 🙂
    i hope you’re enjoying your vacation, and that you’re feeling better; i’ve missed seeing you online at work.

  2. Feeling a little better. The flu is gone, but the change in the weather is running amok with my sinuses… such is life, I guess. I’m starting to get a little lonely though… Jen and Max can come home anytime.

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