Minor and Major Miracles

We had a dinner party tonight for eight people. I’ve never cooked for eight adults before. I had no idea how much food we needed – but it went off without a hitch. I made may famous easy meatballs, from-scratch tomato sauce for the first time ever (for the meatballs), brushetta, and baked asparagus with pancetta and shredded romano cheese. Everyone went back for seconds, and everone mmmmm’ed and aaaaaah’ed over it – even the culinary institute graduate!!! How cool is that? I consider it a minor miracle.

Another minor miracle: ten people have registered at nonDependant in the three days since we launched, with no promotion outside of Dawson’s blog and this site. A small beginning, but it’s still a beginning. I’m just glad someone who’s not a spouse of one of us signed up. The discussions have already been interesting, and I think they’ll get even better as more people get involved, and we get into more topics.

And one major miracle. BoingBoing linked to this profile of Judith Scott. She’s an artist who creates beautiful pieces of fiber art. Art on its own is a little miracle, but the fact that she is deaf, mute and has severe Down Syndrome elevates it to a major one. This woman has unparalleled drive and concentration to create. I wish I had a fraction of that.

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By Kevin Lawver

Web developer, Software Engineer @ Gusto, Co-founder @ TechSAV, husband, father, aspiring social capitalist and troublemaker.

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  1. kev, i couldn’t be prouder of you, and of nonDependant! i just signed up 🙂 your mission statement is EXACTLY how i have felt since i realized in the last sham of an election that my vote DOESN’T count for jack, because its the electoral college votes are how the president is elected, not the popular vote. “rock the vote!” my ass. you’re right – the situation is seriously F’d-up, and i am proud to join nonDependant; even prouder that i know the guy who designed and runs it 😉

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