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I’ve been on a mini-quest to create the perfect mix CD for Max. When we go out, we always listen to music, always have a CD in, and Max isn’t shy about expressing his opinion about what’s playing. So, for the past year, I’ve been making mix cd’s trying to find songs that he’s never heard before that he’ll flip over (and always leaving in some of his favorites from past cd’s). Here’s the latest version (he loves it so far):

  1. Jerry Lews (not by Jerry Lewis) from Ska the Third Wave: Instrumentals

  2. The People Who Grinned Themselves to Death by The Housemartins from the album of the same name as the song.

  3. The Song From The Kill Bill Trailer: You know the one I mean.

  4. La Unda from that Ska instrumentals album in \#1.

  5. Sheep by The Housemartins from London 0 Hull 4

  6. Back on the Train by Phish from Farmhouse

  7. Hit the Road Jack by Mo’Horizons from Remember Tomorrow

  8. You Keep it All In by The Beautiful South from Carry on Up The Charts

  9. Cat Juide from that instrumental ska album

  10. The Mango Song by Phish (running out of time, find your own albums)

  11. Particle Man by TMBG

  12. Back in Black covered by Living Colour

  13. It’s The End Of The World As We Know It by You don’t know?

  14. Hey Baby by No Doubt (Max loves them)

  15. Deeply Dippy by Right Said Fred (their album is underrated. there’s some quality stuff on it)

  16. Watermelon Man from the ska album

  17. Woo Hoo from Kill Bill

  18. Istanbul (Not Constantinople) by TMBG

  19. If I Had A Boat by Lyle Lovett (I think this is the first song Max knew all the words to)

  20. We Are Each Other by The Beautiful South

I don’t know why I like making him mix cd’s so much. I just do.

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