Who I’m Voting For on Tuesday

I’m sure you’re all on the edge of your seats over this one. I’ve talked about it ad nauseam since September when I decided I didn’t have to decide who to vote for right then. Now, I do. The VA primary is Tuesday, and I’ve finally made up my mind. Right this minute, I’m comfortable with it, but I reserve the right to change my mind before then.

I’ve decided to vote for Wesley Clark. Why? Why not just vote for Kerry and be done with it? Because I don’t have to yet. I like Kerry, and I think he’ll make a fine President if/when he becomes the nominee. But, he’s an insider. He’s been in Washington for a very long time. He’s part of the machine. Honestly, I had a hard time not sticking with Dean. But, I’ve watched him as a candidate fall apart in the past week and a half. His stump speech doesn’t have the same spark it used to. He doesn’t have the passion I admired before, and I’ve realized that I really don’t agree with him as much as I do Clark or Kerry. I like Edwards too. He is one of the most engrossing speakers I’ve ever seen, and his stump speech is inspiring. But, there’s something about him I just don’t get yet, and until I figure it out, I can’t vote for him. I’m picking Clark because he’s a viable outsider. He’s a man outside of the Washington machine (as outside as anyone can get and still be viable as a Presidential candidate). He has military experience I respect, has sound economic plans (well, as far as I can tell – they make sense), and seems like a moderate who can get other moderates from both sides to work with him.

So, there you have it, who I’m voting for and why. And unrelated to any of them, I haven’t seen anything about any of the candidates coming to Virginia next week. That disappoints me. I’ve only seen Dean in person and that was way back in August. I learned a lot at that rally, and would love to see one or two of the others in person. I don’t see any yet, but if anyone in Northern VA hears of anything, please let me know.

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By Kevin Lawver

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