Chicken Fried Barbecue

I dig Austin. I’ve now had barbecue twice, and a chicken fried steak. I
had a tasty pork loin sandwich yesterday with the Canadians at
Ironworks. It was tender, simple, cheap and perfect. Their potato salad
is creamy without the dressing overpowering the potatos, and it had just
enough onions. The chicken fried steak was at Threadgill’s. It was
lightly battered, and there wasn’t enough gravy, but it was lightly
fried and not too greasy. Today, I found House Park Barbecue. Wow. This
is real greasy spoon barbecue. The mixed plate comes with homemade
sausage and pork loin, ranch beans and small portions of cole slaw and
potato salad. The sausage was light, peppery and full of smokey
goodness. The pork loin had a great crust on the outside, yet was nice
and tender on the inside. The ranch beans were perfect (and I don’t
normally like beans); the sauce was tangy, full of pepper without being
a true barbecue sauce. The cole slaw and potato salad were both decent
and everything got eaten.

Tonight, it’s The Iron Cactus for
Bread With Brad
Michael and Ari. Tomorrow,
things get hot and heavy with tons of panels and
<a href=””>kickball.

One thought on “Chicken Fried Barbecue

  1. All that sounds tasty, but as a future medical professional I just have to say, that can’t be good for your arteries! Please, eat some salads too!

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