I’ve Been MoPhlogged!

And apparently, I’m one of two
of blog …
. The picture was taken by
George, and the guy standing
next to me is Chuck Olsen, who’s making a
blogumentary. Oh, and we were
all at Break Bread With Brad, which was great. I met a bunch of bloggers
I’ve been reading for years, some I’ve heard of, and others who were all
new to me. Everyone was super-swell, and I had a great time.

After breaking bread (which I didn’t… I don’t think I ever sat down
for more than five minutes), we all went to Polly Esther’s for Karaoke.
Watching Smokler cover
U2 will be burned into my retinas and eardrums for days.

Big thanks to Michael and
Ari for introducing me to folks, and for being great ambassadors for
their city. You guys rule.

Oh, and just so Jen doesn’t worry, I did eat dinner. I got two pieces of
pizza at Onion on 5th Street at 11:30 as I walked back to the

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