My Little Homophobe

I’m not quite the sensative, hip and with-it modern man I thought I was. Case in point: Last night at Fray, Lance Arthur told a hilarious story about gay dating, being a hottie, and a gargantuan penis. It was extremely funny, although there was enough detail to make me, someone who thinks he’s very comfortable with his sexuality, squirm just a little. But, it was perfectly told, and funny. And you know me, funny trumps all. So, as Lance comes off the stage, I hold out my hand, and shake his as he walks past.

And then it hits me… I just touched the hand that touched that gigantic penis. My brain went through mini-convulsions for a couple nanoseconds, and then the cool part of me told the little homophobe hiding in the corner of my psyche, “Yeah, but I’m sure he’s washed his hands since then.”

1 thought on “My Little Homophobe”

  1. Ha! That’s the funniest thing i’ve read today.
    Hope you’re having a good time at SXSW, gigantic penises (or is it peni?) included.
    Still a little irked with my dept for not getting it together enough to send me…me-thinks a move is in order.

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