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I’m taking a break from slaving over JSP code to write this one. Shhhhh, don’t tell. I’ve been listening to a ton of new music lately, some from groups or artists I’d never heard of before. Now, I do live in a hole… underground, you know, where the critters are. That aside, I still try to get way out there and try out new stuff. Here are some fun albums you should go check out toute suite:

Josh Rouse: Dressed Up Like Nebraska

If you like REM, Morphine or Ben Folds’ non-ass-kicking songs, you’ll like Josh Rouse. Great lyrics, and some really heartbreaking songs. Good for wallowing.

Kirsty MacColl: Tropical Brainstorm

Ignore your first inclination to throw this in the “crap tropical” pile, and listen to it twice. See? Now you’re hooked too!! The brilliant lyrics are matched perfectly by seductively simple tunes and hide amazing layers of sounds. Great stuff.

The Gotan Project: La Revancha Del Tango

They’re not kidding around… this is some seductive tango goodness, with a little electronic edge. As addictive as it is haunting.

Orchestra Morphine & Twinemen: Live Boston, MA 10/23/03

Found this in the Apple Store. It’s raw, and not everything works like it should, but that’s part of the beauty of live music, right? The covers of Morphine’s old songs are beautiful, and hearing that sax again is totally worth it. Plus, it’s two hours of great live sets for \$10.

Badly Drawn Boy: The Hour of Bewilderbeast

OK, this one’s not so obscure, but I was in the dark. A wonderful cross between the Housemartins and Ben Folds – this is pop worth listening to. It’s fun, melancholy and all pulled off with a truckload of skill. Good, good, good stuff.

Luna: Bewitched

Groovy alterna-pop, with a hint of Dire Straits. Yeah, I know, that sounds stupid, but that’s what I thought of when I first heard them. Sneaky lyrics and simple but addictive hooks will have you tapping your feet for no good reason.

OK, now back to work… and to my cold… and then home to Jen’s cold… yeah, we’re all sick, and it’s FANTASTIC!!

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