They Don’t Deserve It

The Bush Administration has failed the country on so many levels, they don’t deserve to win. They just don’t. Unless you’re a one issue voter, how can you support an Administration who lied to you, not about a blowjob, but about going to war? The NY Times (I know, I know, but read it) has the best Rumsfeld declares there was no link between Saddam and al Qaeda, then backpedals. This statement’s not based on new evidence that’s come out since the invasion, but finally stating the truth of what they knew beforehand.

  • Bremer admits we didn’t have enough troops.

  • It’s unbelievable to me that these aren’t impeachable offenses. Compounded with Abu Ghraib, why hasn’t Rumsfeld been hauled in front of Congress and charged? Why are Wolfowitz, Bolton and Feith still employed? Why does Condi still have a job that she’s apparently not willing to do?

    A vote for President isn’t just for one man, especially an incumbent. It’s a vote for the entire Administration. This one’s a disaster, and it’s time for them to go.

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    By Kevin Lawver

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    1. I like this outlook–another reason to vote Kerry.
      OK, granted, its Massachussetts. Maybe I should have gone to school in a swing state…

    2. Steve says:

      K–It’s unbelievable to me that these aren’t impeachable offenses.
      1. In order to lie you need forknowledge that what you are saying is false. None of the bulletpoints of our reasons for going to war were argued or disagreed with by any member of the UN since they had the same intelligence information. What they did disagree with was what to do and when. So your assertions that he “lied” cannot be validated.
      K–Bremer admits we didn’t have enough troops.
      S–As Bro. Taylor explained to me, picking the “right” number of troops is the most difficult job in the military. You not only have to weigh the risks of sending the number that you’re sending, but you also need to pick the right amount that is capable of overwhelming the enemy. The problem with the numbers we picked was not on the operation planned, but the scope of the post-operation defense situation. But since the military doesn’t plan beyond an objective, saying they had the wrong number of troops after the fact is rather pointless.
      K–This one’s a disaster, and it’s time for them to go.
      S–The alternative candidate would have to prove that they can do a better job by having better credentials and experience in the involving matters. I don’t think John Kerry is capable of doing that.

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