New Favorite Song: Bonnie & Clyde

I have a new favorite song: Bonnie & Clyde from Luna‘s Penthouse. The “Wooo-hooo-hooo” bits just make me smile, the beat, violins and cooler-than-thou sultry French lyrics (about Bonnie & Clyde, and Jesse James being dead) are just heaven to my ears.

Luna is a recent discovery, and they’re just peachy. They’re jangly, punchy and poppy, without overdoing any of it. They strike the right balance (with few exceptions) between pop and moody alternative. The lyrics are fun without being overly introspective, and the beats are always toe-tapping. If you’ve never heard of them, go pick up Bewitched, Penthouse or Romantica. You won’t regret it.

And completely unrelated to anything, someone found my site today while searching for “dudepants”. What did they find? They found one of my all-time favorite posts: Captain KangerDude. I love finding stuff I’ve written that I’d totally forgotten about…

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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. look, I really really love this song, maybe around…one year ago (?) …But I can’t find it,…I just want to know if you, the owner of this web site can add me to msn contacts, or send me an email to
    with the information I need…I’ll really love that.
    Au revoir…

  2. I recently saw Rush Hour 3 over the weekend and there was this scene that had a Bonnie & Clyde French song on the background. I really like the beat and the dancing routine in the movie fitted very well. I wanna who sings it.

  3. The scene in RH3 is great: the music, dancing, lights and fit women make for a fantastic combination.
    The link to the original song is bad, here’s one that’s working (at least as of this moment):

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