The Travel Cough

I’ve caught something. I think it’s a mix of my asthma coupled with cold and very wet air (93% humidity, 33-40 degrees). My chest is full of… stuff, and I can’t breathe, which makes me tired, irritable and vulgar. I went to the “chemist” today after work, and picked up some mucolytic agent, vaporub (for colds, or so it says), and am planning an evening in. I’ll probably soak in a super hot shower after I eat dinner (I ordered soup from room service, they just happened to have my favorite sick soup – green pea and ham), take some craptacular medicine and watch Carnivale in bed (thank you, BitTorrent).\
I’ve discovered something on this trip, or at least remembered it from last time. I love Ireland. Even though I feel pretty crap, I love the people here. They’re so much fun, even at work, where no one is supposed to have any fun at all. I saw some of the guys I worked with last time, and they greeted me like an old friend. People on the street look you in the eye and smile. The lady at the pharmacy (ooops, “chemist”) was helpful, friendly and showed genuine sympathy. It’s touching. I’m not sure where it comes from, but I love it.\
I don’t like the weather. Hate it. Could totally live without it. If it’s going to be cold, it should be dry as a bone. It should be so dry, there’s no frost on your windshield in the morning. It should be Utah dry, where your ears feel like they’re going to fall off. No one gets pneumonia in Utah (well, that’s because they’re all got the Speeerit, but you get the picture). This wet and cold stuff is murderous.\
Oh, and I could live without European TV too. Trying to watch the finale of a reality show you’ve never seen before, with one cast member you can’t understand a damn thing he says is a real crappy way to spend an hour (I watched the finale of Celebrity Big Brother, and the winner is from Manchester, and a mumbler, so I was totally lost).\
That’s it from here. No new pictures, because I’ve been in the car, on the most unscenic route in Ireland. We pass the Irish version of the car mall several times over, and something called “MEGAMart” that promises “American Style Shopping”. I shudder to think what that means…

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By Kevin Lawver

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