Dublin: (Real) Day One

We got in yesterday and I spent the afternoon trying to stay awake. We went to a wonderful little restaurant for dinner called Ouzo’s, then wandered over to Spar to pick up snacks. I managed to stay awake until 8pm, took two Tylenol PM’s and then slept like a log until 5:30 this morning.\
I ate a lovely Irish breakfast in the hotel restaurant and then went wandering. I made a big circle around the hotel, and ran into the Irish National Print Museum. They weren’t open, but they had a workshop going on and let me wander around and take pictures anyway.\
Just a note if you come to Dublin… don’t go out early on Sunday. Nothing opens till at least noon (except the grocery store and select coffeehouses/cafes), and some places never open. It makes being a tourist difficult.\
Anyway, we’re going to go out to dinner soon, but I wanted to post the pictures from today before I forgot.

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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. Jessa says:

    Yay for Ireland! I went a few years ago and loooooved it (bunch of photos posted on my site, actually, including some of Dublin). Have a fantastic time!
    And if you DO think to pick up a replacement shotglass for me, I would be ever so thankful. 🙂 It was very kind of you to suggest it…

  2. Babba says:

    Great photos. I love the typeset ones. I’ve always had a strange fascination with those little letters and designs. Have a great trip!

  3. jd says:

    Damn ya! Yer going to places I havent been yet – stop that! 😉
    I gotta go to the print museum sometime, been wanting to for some time.
    be sure to go to the Chester Beatty Library (inside the grounds at Dublin Castle off Dame Street) http://www.cbl.ie
    There you will find amazing books – ancient Islam and ancient Christianity and a bunch of Chinese/Japanese stuff.
    They have some inspiring videos of how the caligraphy was done and so on.
    CBL is a little secret that most Dubliners wouldn’t even know about.
    So, did you fo to the Cobblestone yet?
    Go there at about 9pm and sit in the front. Wait for the muscians to arrive and just hang out and absorb the Trad Music as things happen – that and a few pints will give you a lovely evening.
    At Cobblestone, if you get tire of Guinness try D`Arcy’s made at the Dublin Brewery just down the street from the Cobblestone – better beer IMHO.
    have fun 🙂

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