Random Thoughts As I Sit In The Airport

I found a free wi-fi network in the airport, so I’m using it. I got here
ridiculously early, got up before that, and broke a bag in the process
(so I’m now carrying a metric ton of goodies in my now bulging backpack,
along with lugging six litres of Club Orange). I’m nowhere near
awake, but while I’m here, I figured I’d come up with a list of things
for me to remember the next time I travel:

  • Bring blank CD’s: We had a rental car, and the radio got old
    about three days into the trip. In Ireland, the daily newspapers are
    having a “oh, yeah, well take this!” promotions war, so there
    are CD’s in the Saturday and Sunday papers. But, they’re free CD’s,
    so maybe one or two songs are actually listenable (last week’s
    Best of Irish Rock has some real gems on it). If I bring blank
    CD’s, I can burn whatever I feel like listening to that week, and
    then throw them away at the end of the trip so I don’t have to lug
    them home with me.
  • Bring less stuff, or bring an extra bag: I’ve never been on a
    two week business trip before, and have accumulated a whole bunch of
    stuff to bring home (never let me loose in a sporting goods outlet).
    Packing was a pain, even though dirty clothes seem smaller than
    clean clothes, there still doesn’t seem to be enough room for
    everything (hence the gigantic backpack). Maybe this one should be
    Bring less stuff home
  • Take more drugs: I figured this one out the last time, but I
    think maybe I should have kept it up a couple more days this time. I
    get horrible jet lag. The only way I’ve found to conquer it, or at
    least placate it is Tylenol PM. It works like a charm. Take two the
    first couple nights, then go down to one for the next three days.
    Also, if you come to Ireland in the winter, it’s cold, wet and
    windy… and the environmental controls are typically European. If
    you’re an asthmatic like me, this is a bad thing. So, make sure you
    have your inhaler with you at all times. Take the wickedest
    decongestant you can find, and try to keep warm. It will help.
  • Download TV: I can totally justify this. I have TiVo at home,
    and these shows are sitting there waiting for me. I subscribe to HBO
    and Showtime, so I’m not stealing, since I’ve already paid for the
    shows. There, my conscience is clean. Use BitTorrent, grab
    Azureus, and check out tv-swarm. Get
    your torrents, leave your laptop on overnight, and voila, TV from
    home (because, really, TV here is pretty scary).
  • Bring a thumb drive: It made sharing TV with the other guys I
    was traveling with a lot easier (“I’ll trade you a Simpsons for
    a Desperate Housewives.”)
  • Get out of the city: It doesn’t matter where you are, get out of
    the city. You’ll have more fun and see more stuff.\
    There you go… Other than working, this trip was a lot of fun.
    Porter and Aaron were a lot of fun to hang out
    with, and the Dublin guys are a hoot. Ireland is a gorgeous country
    with beautiful people, and an impressive collection of FDOS (Falling
    Down Old Stuff). I’d recommend it to anyone looking for something
    other than amusement parks and cheap tourist traps. The people are
    extremely friendly and helpful. The countryside is so green you
    won’t believe it, and the food is an eternity better than anyone can
    Yeah, let’s talk about that… I’ve now spent about twenty-five days
    in Ireland between this trip and the last one. In that time, I’ve
    not had a bad meal. Not one. I was told by lots and lots of people
    that Ireland’s just like England: everything’s boiled and the food
    is horrible. Far from it. I’d put Dublin’s restaurants up against
    almost anyone’s in the world. Even out in the country, Irish pub
    food is really good, especially BLT’s. Why? Because they use Irish
    bacon, the best friggin’ bacon in the world (no lies, better even
    than French bacon, and I love French bacon). If you come to
    Dublin, expect to eat too much… way way way too much. Don’t miss
    the Irish breakfasts, skip lunch, and then splurge on one of
    Dublin’s fantastic restaurants. Here’s a short list of my favorites:
  • Roly’s Bistro: By the American Embassy (which looks like a big
    militaristic waste bin with a scary metal eagle on it). The best
    meal I’ve had since France.
  • Odessa: The best beef, and the funniest waitresses.
  • Ouzo: Cute little basement cafe on Baggot Street. Great
    specials, and the steaks look divine.
  • Embassy Grill: Take away kebabs of the gods, across the street
    from Roly’s.
  • Red Arrow: No idea where, on the way to Long Mile Road from the
    canal. Hop in at dinner time for fresh cod and chips… and a heap
    of local color.
  • Baan Thai: Also across from Roly’s. Best Thai food I’ve ever
  • La Paloma: In Temple Bar. Great Spanish food, funny and friendly
    service, and (according to the guys) really good wine that’s not
    horribly expensive.\
    That’s just a smattering. There are a ton more that I can’t remember
    the name of at the moment. You won’t starve and your tummy will be
    happy… especially if your company is footing the bill.

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  1. Looks like you may have killed TV-Swarm…After reading your post I was able to get in one time. Since then the site has been down. Another .torrent site bites the dust.

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