SXSW In A Wiki

It’s totally not the same as being here, because the best thing about SXSW is the interaction with people who are just as weird, creative and passionate as you are, but we’ve been taking a lot of notes on the wiki, and I thought I’d share some of my personal favorites:
* No Absolutes: Social Software
* How to Leverage Solipsism
* We The Media: Dan Gillmor
* Blogging While Black
There are a lot of other notes up there, provided by Kate and Porter. They’re all good.
If you’re at SXSW and have notes, but no place to share ’em, feel free to post ’em, especially if we don’t have any up for that panel.
Also, if you took a picture with an I BUY LOCAL sticker in it, could you send me a copy, or put it on Flickr with the tag ? Pretty please?

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