T-Shirt Sites

James asked me to post a list of places I get my t-shirts. Here it is. On top of these places where you can actually buy t-shirts, Preshrunk is an awesome resource for cool shirts, and new t-shirt sites.
* T-Shirt Hell – Some of them are really raunchy, but there are some amazing gems here.
* Diesel Sweeties – Great pixel artwork, and funny slogan shirts, oh, and a hilarious web comic. Home of the shirt I’m wearing RIGHT NOW: Bacon is a vegetable
* Thinkgeek – Awesome source for shirts from the slightly geeky to the super-nerdy. Home of the Viva La Relativity shirt.
* Maestro Instruments – Home of “This is the torch I use to burn bridges” and other funny shirts.
That’s where I get most of my weird shirts.

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