A Tip For Cheering Up

Need another pick-me-up? Go listen to some old They Might Be Giants, or watch their documentary: Gigantic (A Tale Of Two Giants). It shows up on IFC every month or so. It’s funny, and will make you smile.\
You can’t listen to any song on Flood, Don’t Let’s Start or Subliminal and not smile. It’s a physical impossibility.

By Kevin Lawver

Web developer, Lead Engineer @ Impactive, Co-founder @ TechSAV, husband, father, aspiring social capitalist and troublemaker.

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Hi Kevin,
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Thanks for your help!
Auntie M

Not to be pedantic or anything, but “Don’t Lets Start” is off their self-titled first album, and “Subliminal” is off “John Henry”, and aren’t themselves album titles. But the sentiment remains true.

I don’t know what makes me happier, listening to TMBG or knowing that MD caught that and felt it necessary to comment about it. TMBG rulz!!! I have a friend who only listens to kids music because her kids are always in the car. She complains that she’s out of touch. Chris and I are going to be cool parents cuz our we’ll listen to TMBG with our kidz.

Particle man, particle man
Doing the things a particle can
What’s he like? It’s not important
Particle man
very big smile.

Minimum WAAAAAAAGE! YE-EAAAH! *whip*
Katie – building on what you were saying, one of the great things about TMBG getting into kids’ music is that, with the exception of the simpler subject matter, the songs off “Robot Parade” and “Here Come the ABCs” fit right in with the rest of the TMBG catalog. (Especially “E Eats Everything”. That song is stuck in my head right now. Damn catchy tune.) Plus, it means that as a kid grows up, they can ‘graduate’ from the kids albums to the adult albums.

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