Anansi Boys At The Halfway Point

I got Anansi Boys, Neil Gaiman’s latest, in the mail last week, and am about halfway through it. I love it. I almost don’t want to finish it, because that means it’ll be over, it’s so much fun.\
Yes, this is only half a review. If you liked the humor in Good Omens, you’ll like this one. If you liked the mythology in American Gods, you’ll love this one. So far, it doesn’t really feel like a fantasy or sci-fi novel. It’s slowly building the fantasy piece, while showing us some truly funny and interesting characters. It’s a story about fathers, sons and brothers, and feels a little bit like Big Fish to me, except that Tim from the Office is the leading man this time (if that makes any sense at all).\
Go get it. You won’t be sorry. Even if you don’t normally read fantasy or sci-fi (which I don’t), you’ll love it. Honest.

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By Kevin Lawver

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