Importing Your Tag Cloud In Movable Type

Someone on the Movable Type ProNet list asked how to import their tag cloud into thier blog a couple days ago, and since I’m stuck here on the couch, I’d see if I could figure out an easy way to do it… and you know what, there is!\
All you need to install is the very cool MTGetXML plugin, and create yourself a new index template. The important bit to add is this:

<code><ul class="tags">
<MTGetXML keeproot="0"
<MTGetXMLElement name="tag">
<li style="font-size:<MTGetXMLValue name="count">em">
<a href="<MTGetXMLValue name="tag" encode_url="1">" title="<MTGetXMLValue name="count"> links">
<MTGetXMLValue name="tag">

* USERNAME = username

* PASSWORD = password\
Here’s what my CSS looks like to get my tag cloud to look the way it does:

<code>ul.tags {
ul.tags li {
padding:0 .3em;

And in case you missed the link earlier, here’s what it looks like. Enjoy!\
Update: And because I couldn’t sleep, I did the same thing with my categories. It was a little more involved (because I have some categories with more than 100 entries in them, I didn’t map them right to font sizes, so I had to do MATH!). I kinda like it. It takes some PHP (for the math bits), but it’s almost as easy. I’ll post my template for it later.

By Kevin Lawver

Web developer, Software Engineer @ Gusto, Co-founder @ TechSAV, husband, father, aspiring social capitalist and troublemaker.


  1. Great implementation!
    When I add this I get an error on rebuild. . . _Parse error in template ‘delicious cloud’: with no _
    It’s looking for an end tag but I see you have one in there, strange huh?

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