Late Night Markup Tip

Tired of writing markup? Make too many stupid mistakes, like unclosed tags, unescaped ampersands, unquoted attributes, etc? Stop writing markup in a plain old text editor and switch to an XML editor!\
I’ve been using OxygenXML to write markup for several months now and I find that I make far fewer mistakes there than I did when I wrote everything in BBEdit. I love the one click validated, pretty print, and that it has good code highlighting for other languages (its PHP highlighting is especially good).\
Using an XML editor should save you keystrokes too. Oxygen closes my tags for me, and shows attributes in bright red when they’re not closed. It even goes back and highlights the opening tag when your cursor is at the end tag. Nice.\
Yeah, it’s midnight and I’m awake. Gotta wait twenty more minutes before my pain pill, then it’s sleepy time.

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By Kevin Lawver

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