Little Victories

I was able to get my foot into the boot yesterday and crutch/walk around the kitchen a couple times. That’s better than I’ve been able to do since surgery (almost a month ago now). Unfortunately, I could only handle it for about ten minutes before everything revolted and I had to take it off.\
My food really doesn’t like being at 90 degrees (you know, where it’s supposed to be). All the tendons on the inside of my foot revolt if they’re held there too long. So, I’m doing a lot of stretches and still writing the alphabet with my toes a hundred times a day.\
I have an appointment in a couple hours to see how things are going. I’m supposed to start physical therapy this week, but I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet. It’s still swollen right around the ankle (you can’t see the bone still), and it’s still puffy around the incision (bad sidekick photo). We’ll see what happens.\
In other news, I’m working on the couch, which is really not the most “inspiring” place to try to work. I hope to be up on the boot next week and back in the office. I hope….

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By Kevin Lawver

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