Probing The Wrong End

GOP leaders urge leak probe into secret prisons report\
I would think that whoever leaked the information would be covered under the whistle blower law. The tactic is illegal, and they’ve uncovered illegal activity. Classified or not, the leaker should be given a medal, not investigated.\
Again, the GOP has it backwards:

  • The crime is the torture, not pointing out the torture.
  • Outsourcing torture is worse than doing it ourselves. It’s a cowardly act.
  • The traitor is the one who drags our country’s reputation through the mud, not the one who points it out.
  • The traitor is the one who ignores treaties and established international law when it suits their narrow purpose.
  • The liar is the one who said no one in the White House was involved in the leak when they knew they were, not the one who revealed the lie.
  • The patriot wants us to live up to our ideals, not throw them away at the drop of a hat.
  • The patriot points out failure in the hope of fixing them, doesn’t cover them up hoping to save face.
  • The hero does the right thing even though it’s hard, not the expedient thing because it’s the easy choice.\
    The moderates in the GOP that I truly respect: McCain, Hagel, Snowe, Warner and others, are not in control. The crazy cold and culture warriors are driving the ship of state into the rocks, and it’s time for the sane members of the party to do something about it. McCain’s push for the anti-torture legislation, which shouldn’t even be needed because torture is already illegal has revealed the cracks in the Administration’s armor. “We don’t torture, but we want exemptions in case we do… you know, torture.” is not going to fly, because the memos written by the Administrations lawyers redefining torture and dismissing those same laws and treaties are already out there.\
    The problem, Mr. President, is that we don’t trust you any more. We were willing to give you the benefit of the doubt after 9/11, but no longer. You’ve lied and failed too many times for us to believe anything you say. You saying “We don’t do torture” has no value after “I’ll fire anyone involved in the leaking of classified information”, and “We know right where the weapons of mass destruction are”. You’re going to have to give us more proof than a smirk and a wink. Stop the obstruction and give us some real proof..

By Kevin Lawver

Web developer, Software Engineer @ Gusto, Co-founder @ TechSAV, husband, father, aspiring social capitalist and troublemaker.