I just received a call from the school’s counselor that Max said that an adult hurt him. Heads will role, my friends, heads will role.\
In reality, the class was talking about being a friend and Max said one time an adult hurt him. After class, the counselor took him to her office and they talked more. He said Aunt H’s friend was wrestling with him and Max’s knees ended up in Max’s face, which he didn’t like. He told Babba, who seemed to handle it. The counselor doesn’t think there is anything more to the story, but she wanted to check it out and let me know anyway, which I agree was the thing to do.

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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. This reminded me of the story of how my daughter inadvertently brought the man down upon us. =)
    At the apartment we used to live in, she had a huge walk-in closet in her bedroom, and she used to go in there to play to get away from her little sister. One day at school, she drew this scene. The caption read:
    “I am in the closet. My sister is crying.”
    That took some explaining to the social worker who showed up to investigate.

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