Flying With A Flat Tire

We got back from Austin yesterday, so it’s time to rethink this whole traveling thing. The trip was great from a trip perspective. I got to eat good Mexican food, barbecue and hang out with the Browns. But, my ankle wasn’t real happy about spending time in the air (swelled up pretty good), standing in line or walking through the airport (pain and more swelling). I didn’t bring the Home Electrocution Kit with me, so I was left with hotel ice in ziploc bags to dull the throbbing.\
I have a full plate of travel coming up that I’m not about to cancel. But, this was a relatively short trip to a domestic destination. Being injured, and injured for a long time, sucks. Walking around the airport in the Velcro Terror was no fun.\
But, I got to hang out with the Browns, and Jen had a lot of fun. So, I guess it’s OK.

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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. M-D says:

    Maybe, given your injury (especially if you’re wearing the Velcro Terror), you’ll be able to wrangle some sympathy upgrades – especially on that overseas trip…

  2. Kevin says:

    Thankfully, I get to fly business class to Europe, so that should be OK. It’s all the walking through airports and standing in line.

  3. M-D says:

    Again, the sympathy factor. Get a ride in one of those golfcarts the airlines have.

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