Stuck at home

Kevin is in France right now, enjoying the fine food, people, culture, and scenery. I was supposed to be with him, but my little baby cousin is getting married tomorrow. (Eeek, she is too little to get married! No matter that she obviously isn’t!) Both grandmas were planning on going to her wedding, so they wouldn’t be available for watching the kids. I told them, ever so graciously, “Go to the wedding. Its fine. Go.” It turns out though, that neither grandma is going. Harrumph! My mom couldn’t go to the wedding because of the effects of Katrina. So, I blame Mother Nature for me not being in France. Yea, I am not sure how logical that is, but you know, I am not in France, so I get to blame whomever I want 🙂

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By Kevin Lawver

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