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Here is some kiddie TMI. Max has been having a frequent urination problem for the last month. He has to go about every 10 minutes and it is causing a lot of problems. His poor teacher has called me three times about it. I took him to the doctor immediately after the first call, but the doc didn’t do anything except determine Max didn’t have a UTI. We went again, this time to see our regular caretaker. She was very thorough and even sussed out that he had strep throat even though he didn’t have any symptoms! Yay for her. We love her. I should totally send her a muffin basket. Anyway, after some X-rays, it was determined Max was constipated. Poor kid. After a week of prune juice and 4 days of a prescription laxative, he finally pooped lastnight. Twice. Yay for doodoo! Brian keeps sneaking off with the prune juice, so his diapers have been extra full lately. So, in essence, yay for poop.\
ETA- wow, there isn’t a poop tag already set. That is really funny to me considering the family I married into. I joke that the Lawver Sr family motto is “It all comes down to poop with this family” because whenever the four kids (who are all adults, actually) get together, stories get a little personal. Heh.

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  1. Monica and I were just reminiscing on our favorite poop story. Sam was constipated as an infant, and after trying everything else we could think of, we filled the tub for a soothing bath. I put her and started to lean her back to dip her head in the water. At about 45 degrees, BLAMMO! Constipation problem solved. Cleaning up a poop filled tub problem created.

  2. Heather says:

    Poor Max! I felt his pain, though… and funnily enough, I thought of the exact same lovely motto. 🙂 It’s all too appropriate sometimes.

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