I got into a minor car accident on the way home from the store yesterday. Everyone is fine, though I was a little sore after a few hours and had trouble sleeping since I couldn’t lay on my side. (Brian didn’t suffer any effects at all and Max and Kevin weren’t with me. Really, Mom and Dad, we are fine.) It was a relatively minor accident, but I did end up with one bruise- on the top of my foot opposite-from-the-impact-side. Weird, huh?\
Honestly, the worst part was waiting the hour and a half it took for the police to show up so the cop could file his report and I could take my bored, hungry, tired, and cranky 2 year old and my melting popsicles home. After a few minutes, I popped open that box of popsicles and let Brian chow down. The accident was totally my fault. I stopped at the stop sign, looked both ways, didn’t see anyone coming, and then went. But apparently there was someone driving where I wanted to be, cuz he smacked right into me. I even got a ticket, which I am not going to contest.\
Oh but really, the worst part is the damage done to my van. I love my van. It’s mangled near the driver’s side door and front wheel and and groans and complains about being opened and closed. All four panels on the driver’s side need to be fixed. We seem to have taken care of the paperwork and insurance without too much hassle. The insurance adjuster freaked me out by “thanking me for my honesty” and I “helped him do his job more easily.” I was all, WTF does that mean? Kevin tried to explain that he is probably used to people being extra verbose and circumspect. Whatever. I just hope we can still afford to send our kids to college after our rates go up.\
The other driver works for a car dealership and was driving a customer’s car. Oopsie. I hope things are ok for him at work. He was nice. Very, “These things happen” and “This is a dangerous intersection, they need a light here.” He reminded me a little of my dad. About three weeks ago, he (the other driver) was rear-ended and his personal car was totaled. Bad luck for him. I sent him a cookie basket at work. Poor guy.\
Mmmm, now I want cookies. Who has one for me?

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By Kevin Lawver

Web developer, Software Engineer @ Gusto, Co-founder @ TechSAV, husband, father, aspiring social capitalist and troublemaker.


  1. I’m sorry to hear about that, Jen!! But I’m glad to hear that you’re okay. I’d be happy to bring you a cookie too if you need one.

  2. You know you should call your folks when things like that happen.
    I’m glad none were seriously hurt.
    Aunt, Edna

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