The Supernatural season premiere was awesome! Did you hear me squeeing last night? The best premiere of the year, and probably even the best of the past few years. I watched the season one finale right before the premiere, so the continuity, action, and emotional confrontations were muchly appreciated and enjoyed. I practically shouted “Hell yea!” a couple of times.\
I must admit that I was a fool. I mean, the show wouldn’t. The show couldn’t. OMG, the show totally did. Noooooo! Man, Jeffrey Dean Morgan can’t catch a break! What is that, three times in the past three years? I am still in shock and denial. This is Supernatural, afterall.\
Ted Nugent rocked, the guest stars were great, and Dean continued to deliver the humor. While part of the outcome was predictible, how they got there was a surprise. The fall-out from the finale was crafted much better than I was expecting, allowing Jensen, Jared, and Jeffrey to shine. So, two big enthusiastic thumbs up from me. Is it next Thursday yet?\
Who else watched it?\
ETA- A friend watched the show for the first time lastnight and didn’t quite see the awesomeness that I did. What is so great about this premiere is that it picked up directly from the finale. Without seeing the first season, this episode won’t seem as interesting. But next week the boys will start on a new adventure, so continue to watch, you hear?\
Veronica Mars chose not to pick up from its finale, and instead is like a new show, trying to attract new viewers, but without the heavy exposition of a pilot. Different tactics for different shows. Supernatural’s choice was way more emotionally satisfying.

By Kevin Lawver

Web developer, Software Engineer @ Gusto, Co-founder @ TechSAV, husband, father, aspiring social capitalist and troublemaker.