A One Person Poll

Jen and I took the kids to our lovely voting location this morning (there’s something kind of cool about voting in a farming museum), and it was actually pretty crowded! We had to wait in line for about ten minutes, which is about what we had to do for the Presidential election in 2004. Our little precinct is pretty “blue” when compared to the rest of the Virginia (we’re the only precinct that went for both Kerry and Socas in 2004), so I hate to use my experience as indicative, but the Dems were handing out more sample ballots and we had a lot more poll workers there than the other side. We also had way more signs for Judy Feder and Jim Webb than Wolf or Allen, which is a good sign.\
The kids had a lot of fun and the old guy handing out “I Voted” stickers let Brian take several. The boy looks like he votes in Chicago or something. Then, because they’re going to hang out with my mom, we stopped by our table and picked up a couple Webb stickers.\
I’m trying not to think about the results too much because we won’t know anything until late anyway, and I have work to do. Plus, it’s hard to type with my fingers crossed.\
If you’d like to keep up with the doings all day, here are my faves:

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