Hobbes Says, “Don’t Forget to Vote!”

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Remember, election day is next Tuesday. No matter what party you’re in, this election is important. Get out there and send a message to whoever it is you’re trying to send a message to. For me, it comes down to a couple issues that are important to me:

  1. George Allen is President Bush’s lackey, voting with him 96% of the time.
  2. President Bush is incompetent and his party has no spine to stand up to him. They’ve proven over the last six years that they’re more interested in power than doing what’s right.
  3. The GOP is beholden to the Religious Right, and that’s wrong on so many levels. Most importantly, they’re standing in the way of stem cell research, which is unconscionable.
  4. They refuse to admit that Iraq was a mistake when the evidence is overwhelming that the President and his Administration lied, and continue to lie, about their incompetence, the reasons for going in, and their plan for success. Saying you’ve got a plan and declaring your loyalty to Donald Rumsfeld is not a plan. It’s willfully ignorant and stubborn. If I wanted a child as President, I think Max would do a better job than Mr. Bush and his playground bullies.
  5. What used to be the party of smaller government and less intrusion on our lives has become the party of Big Brother, and I don’t mean the TV show. They’ve wiped their asses on the Constitution, and it’s time they paid for it.\
    It’s pretty obvious who I’m voting for. Vote for whoever you think will do the best job of governing. See ya on Tuesday!
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By Kevin Lawver

Web developer, Software Engineer @ Gusto, Co-founder @ TechSAV, husband, father, aspiring social capitalist and troublemaker.

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  1. My absentee ballot was sent in two weeks ago… so I’ve done my duty!
    Also, folks, be sure to *report any problems* you have with electronic voting systems!

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