Wishful Thanking

Thanksgiving was great. Max and I went over to my parents’ early to help out. I spent the morning stuffing a turkey, chopping veggies and eating (you have to pre-eat on Turkey Day or you get full too early). We watched Over the Hedge and Cars with the kids, played games, and had a good time. We even talked about politics without yelling. I call that a success.
Thanks to my boss, I’ve got Monday-Wednesday off, other than going in to give a presentation on microformats on Tuesday. Jen has a list of manly-putting-things-together things I have to do, which will be fun as long as I get over this cold.
And since it’s that time of year again, and just in case you’re in the gift-giving mood, here’s my wishlist. Not that I’m expecting anything, honestly.
Time to go put Brian down for a nap…

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