I have a ton of stuff of substance to blog about (church, meetings at Max’s school, dumb ass politicians) but instead I want to tell you all about my latest dilemma. Today I went shopping for the road-trip-required twizzlers and peanut M&Ms for the drive to my parents’ house next week. Then I remembered that Brian can’t eat nuts and if he sees me not sharing, he’ll pitch a fit. Waaaah. I need my peanut M&Ms for the trip. It just won’t be the same without them! What am I to do?

By Kevin Lawver

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Gosh, Sweetie – this one seems pretty simple!
Option #1 – Chocolate covered peanuts from Brach’s or whatever (hidden in your purse as you eat them)
Option #2 – The peanut M & M’s (hidden in your purse as you eat them)
Option #3 – Two medium sized bags of regular and peanut M & M’s put into one larger bag of (emptied out) regular M & M’s. As Brian asks for one – you give him the regular and take a peanut one for yourself with the other hand.
Option #4 – have you tried the new DARK CHOCOLATE M & M’s????? Oh. My. Lord. THEY ARE WONDERFUL!!!!
Option #5 – Wait until he goes to sleep to eat the peanut M & M’s.
Option #6 – Send the Peanut M & M’s to me.
There ya go!
Auntie M

Here’s a thought: Keep the M&Ms inside another bag – a purse, whatever. Have two bags of candy at the ready – one peanut, and one non-nut. If Brian sees you eating the peanut M&Ms and wants some, you reach into *seemingly* the same place, but produce the ‘safe’ M&Ms. Everybody happy! (Just remember which bag is which…)

I’m just surprised nobody mentioned an epi pen. One episode of anaphylactic shock and a quick jab in the leg, and he’ll never ask for M&M’s again.

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