1. M-D says:

    Alright, maybe I’m missing something obvious, but…what did Boston do to…you?… three weeks ago?
    The image, however, is hysterical.

  2. Jen says:

    M-D, click the link above the picture and it will explain everything, my friend. Except the meaning of life. But we all know that by now, anyway.

  3. The Mighty Tim says:

    Funny little story. I’d heard some brief mention of a cartoon network publicity stunt that went “horribly wrong”. Thanks for posting a link to the story. Those crazy rogue advertising elements will be the downfall of this proud country.

  4. M-D says:

    Oh, I know what happened in Boston on Wednesday. (I happened to be traveling on business, and when I got into my hotel room in New Orleans, all of the news stations had “BOMBS IN BOSTON!” or somesuch splashed across their lower third. It had my attention, since had things gone differently, it could have thrown a major monkey wrench into my travel plans. As it is, I’m just amused by the whole thing.
    My question was with regard to the ‘frak with us’ part…did Boston do something to the DC area and/or the Mooninites and/or Turner Broadcasting that I missed?
    (Also, I tried clicking on the picture – it takes you to photobucket’s home page.)

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