Dream Come True

I love SxSW, and one of my favorite events of the conference is 20×2. I got an e-mail from Kevin Newsum this evening inviting me to be a part of this year’s event!! I’ve been to the last four (I told Kevin three, but I’m sure it was the last four – I can’t believe this is my fifth SxSW), and loved every single one.\
What’s 20×2? Twenty people get two minutes to answer a very broad quetion. My favorite ones were “What’s the word?” and “What’s the big idea?”, and some of my favorite people have done it, including Dave Thomas, Kevin Smokler, Josh Benton and James McNally, and it’s a lot to live up to. This year’s question is “What if?” and I’ve already got some ideas. I don’t think I can stand up and take exactly two minutes with what I want to cover, so I’m thinking of doing a short film to answer the question. Not sure exactly what yet, but it’ll be something.\
On top of that, this month I’m launching a new site that Jason, Cindy, Ari, Jenna, Shadia, Jayna and others (who really need to get websites so I can link to them) have been working very hard on, writing an 80 page chapter for Christopher Schmitt’s new book, working on two panels for SxSW this year, and putting together a panel discussion for work. February is going to be very busy.\
Now? I have a cold. I made it through work today (got a lot done, but it’s easy to get a lot done in one day with a cold with Rails), but I am shot. I’m gonna go take some NyQuil, crawl into bed and watch the rest of Robot Chicken and then go to sleep.

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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. Me? Totally jealous (about 20×2). See you in Austin!

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