Dream Come True

I love “SxSW”:http://2007.sxsw.com/interactive, and one of my favorite events of the conference is “20×2”:http://20×2.org. I got an e-mail from Kevin Newsum this evening *inviting me to be a part of this year’s event*!! I’ve been to the last four (I told Kevin three, but I’m sure it was the last four – I can’t believe this is my fifth SxSW), and loved every single one.
What’s 20×2? Twenty people get two minutes to answer a very broad quetion. My favorite ones were “What’s the word?” and “What’s the big idea?”, and some of my favorite people have done it, including “Dave Thomas”:http://www.daviddylanthomas.com/, “Kevin Smokler”:http://kevinsmokler.com, “Josh Benton”:http://crabwalk.com and “James McNally”:http://consolationchamps.com, and it’s a lot to live up to. This year’s question is “What if?” and I’ve already got some ideas. I don’t think I can stand up and take exactly two minutes with what I want to cover, so I’m thinking of doing a short film to answer the question. Not sure exactly what yet, but it’ll be something.
On top of that, this month I’m launching a new site that “Jason”:http://sixtwothree.org, “Cindy”:http://cindyli.com, “Ari”:http://arikushimoto.com, Jenna, Shadia, “Jayna”:http://www.interstatealchemy.com/ and others (who really need to get websites so I can link to them) have been working very hard on, writing an 80 page chapter for “Christopher Schmitt’s”:http://christopher.org new book, working on two panels for SxSW this year, and putting together a panel discussion for work. February is going to be _very_ busy.
Now? I have a cold. I made it through work today (got a lot done, but it’s easy to get a lot done in one day with a cold with “Rails”:http://rubyonrails.org), but I am shot. I’m gonna go take some NyQuil, crawl into bed and watch the rest of *Robot Chicken* and then go to sleep.

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