Cute Brian and other real life stuff

Brian usually calls me Mommy, except for when he is looking for me or calling for me from the stairs, then it is “Mama” at the top of his voice, which is the cutest thing ever! (Holy run-on sentence, Batman!) I am going to try to get it on videotape this weekend.\
I got my passport today. YAY! Paris is a go! We even got my mom’s ticket. Super duper YAY! I am so frakkin’ excited!\
There is a group of bloggers on the Supernatural set. Damn, passed over again! I’m still loving the show though. Wheeee. How come you guys aren’t watching it too? It’s so awesome, with the music, and the boys, and the car. Totally badass.\
My online world has gone crazy with death threats, two actual deaths, numerous fights, and three pet deaths. March has been a BIZARRE month.\
Kevin comes home tomorrow! YAYAYAYAY!