So not crying

Kevin ended up taking Brian with him, so YAY!\
Yesterday I woke up early to help Kevin gather all of the stuff he needed for the trip and to see them off. After goofing off for a couple of hours, I took a nap. An 8 hour nap. I think I have proven that I am the Olympic champion of naps! Woot. I went down at 9:15 in the morning and got up at 5:07 in the evening. It was so nice. (Duh.) After I woke up, I cleaned the sun room, living room, play room, and family room, and organized toys and books.\
Today I woke up early even though I had planned to sleep in. Since I woke up on my own, it was ok. I again goofed off for awhile then tackled the dining room and Max’s room before resting for awhile. YAY for being in charge of my own schedule.\
I should feel guilty for how much I am enjoying being by myself while I clean. But I am not! My weekend alone is now half over. Sad. At least the list of chores I NEED to get done is now half done!

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