Hugs for the AOL Daycare

Max just finished his first week at Summer Camp for school-aged children at the AOL Daycare Center. He had a fun time and was glad to be back. This week’s theme was Deserts. They learned about people and animals who live in the deserts and got up close and personal with a variety of real live reptiles. The week was finished with a trip to the pool. YAY! And it was an indoor pool, which is even better in my opinion. (Cuz the sun is my enemy. It should fear me, yet it does not. Boooo.)\
I love the AOL Daycare Center. I’ve only experienced their Summer Camp, but the infant, toddler, and kindergarten programs sound fabulous too. I joked with Kevin that we should have 10 more babies, just so we can send them there. The full time care is a bit expensive, though, so poor Brian is hanging out with me and attending cheaper (but still nice) classes at the community center this summer.