Songs That Kick Ass

I didn’t get much sleep last night, and I was starting to drag after lunch, so I created a new playlist of songs to keep me awake. So far, so good. Here are some highlights:

  • Working Full-Time by The Constantines: The band kicks all kinds of rough garage booty. Their bass player is a god, the lyrics are fantastic, and this song rules. Works great in headphones or in the car turned all the way up.
  • Cuidado by Slo-Mo: I heard this on Channel Frederator, and it’s a great song (although it’s full of the f-word). Good thumpy Latin hip hop (but not reggaeton)
  • Battle Without Honor or Humanity by Rza (from the Kill Bill soundtrack): The horns, percussion… you can’t help but want to go kill some Crazy 88 after hearing it. Honest.
  • Back in Black covered by Living Colour: Better than the original, and that’s saying something. Vernon Reid + Corey Glover = major can of whuppass
  • Saturday Morning by Eels: I love this song more than I can say. Every time I hear it, I think of waking up early on Saturday morning with my brother, dump trucking sugar on our cereal and playing non-stop all day (all seen in a sort of Royal Tenenbaums montage).
  • I See You Baby (Fatboy Slim mix) by Groove Armada: While it’s hard to kick it while shaking it, it’s still a great song.\
    There are others, but I have to get back to work… enjoy.
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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. Hooray for dump-trucking on the Cheerios! Now I have to go buy me a box. Cool tunes.

  2. Quick correction to your post – “Battle Without Honor or Humanity” was actually recorded by Tomoyasu Hotei. Their album, “Electric Samurai”, includes two additional parts to “BWOHoH”. The RZA contributed a lot to the score of the Kill Bill movies, but “BWOHoH” wasn’t his.
    It remains, however, a kick-ass song.

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