Watch Jeremy Schaap Talk About Nerds

AOL’s sponsoring TopCoder again this year, and one part of the promotional materials stood out:\
bq. Over the course of the three hour webcast hosted by ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap, viewers will be able to watch the high stakes software competition unfold through live views of the arena, entertaining coder profiles, and interviews with contestants – all culminating with in-depth coverage of the final results.\
Now, of ESPN’s reporters, Mr. Schaap is #2 when it comes to possible closet nerd status* (their awesome NFL guy, John Clayton, is #1), but it just cracks me up that we’ll have play by play for a coding event. It’s worth checking out for that alone!\
If you want to play along, the coverage starts at 4 EST today over on the AOL Developer Network. They’ve even put together a preview video.\
*I’m saying this as a full on nerd. There’s no shame in being a nerd. Flaunt it, Schaap, flaunt it!

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By Kevin Lawver

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