My Friend Cindy Li

I’ve worked with hundreds, if not thousands, of people over the years.  I’ve liked most of them, been friends with a lot of them, and loved many of them.  Cindy was definitely in the last category. Cindy Li and I became fast friends and co-conspirators while we both worked at AOL.  We were on the… Continue reading My Friend Cindy Li

Ficly and Creative Commons: The Power of Open

[hang2column width=”250″][/hang2column] I’ve been a huge fan of Creative Commons pretty much since they launched. If you don’t already know, Creative Commons provides several ways for you to license your work that expressly allow people to use it in certain ways. It’s sort of copyright** – allowing folks to do things with your work that… Continue reading Ficly and Creative Commons: The Power of Open

Weird Dreams

I had a weird dream last night (two, actually, but I’m only concerned about writing down the first one). In the dream, I was back at AOL sitting through a horrible product requirements meeting when I lost it and started yelling about how bad the requirements were, how they didn’t do anything original, were a… Continue reading Weird Dreams

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Someone Doesn’t Like the Name “Ficly”

\ (the ficlets bit starts about halfway through)\ Well yeah, when you say it that way. Seriously, I think stories will still be called “ficlets” because calling them anything else would sound silly.\ In other news, Jeremy Kieth and Simon Willison both posted about ficlets’ use of Creative Commons. Why did we do it? Well,… Continue reading Someone Doesn’t Like the Name “Ficly”