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  • Notes from Supernova: Personal Infosphere

    This panel’s all about how we can keep up of all the information that comes in every day. We’re\ h4. Dalton from imeem We’re reaching some limit as to the amount of information we can handle. imeem creates both an IM client and web client Instant messaging is useful as a communications tool, but about […]

  • My Standards Story

    Molly’s post about search engines and standards has inspired me to tell my standards evolution story, because it’s really all about AOL Search.\ I worked on AOL Search for five years, from 1999 – 2004. In that time, it went from being “AOL Netfind”, powered by Excite and in a horrible frameset where we had […]

  • Who’s Number One?

    Me! Well, I’m number one for everything dumb. What about me is number one for that? It’s this super dumbness. Dumb, huh?

  • Wow, at the bottom of

    Wow, at the bottom of yesterday’s post, I mentioned Tardy from Greg the Bunny and today I’ve gotten over a dozen visits from people who found me by way of Google searches for Tardy from Greg the Bunny. Google is amazing.

  • Insider Info

    Yesterday, people on AOL searched for “yo mama jokes” as many times as they searched for “notre dame” and “cysts“.

  • Into the fray

    I have a big meeting in fifteen minutes where I have to defend a whole platform against a roomful of people. I doubt the folks who write AOLserver will even show up, which will leave me all alone to defend it. I have papers and figures and drawings, and it probably won’t matter. They’ll make […]

  • Freedom!!

    Nine days. I have nine days off in a row. I don’t believe it. It’s too good to be true. I have a terrible feeling that I won’t get to take all nine off because something will break at work, someone will need me to rescue them from either their own incompetance or implement somethin […]