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  • Ficly and Creative Commons: The Power of Open

    [hang2column width=”250″][/hang2column] I’ve been a huge fan of Creative Commons pretty much since they launched. If you don’t already know, Creative Commons provides several ways for you to license your work that expressly allow people to use it in certain ways. It’s sort of copyright** – allowing folks to do things with your work that […]

  • A tip about the Pledge Drive

    See Kevin’s post to the left?\ The way the pledge drive works is that if the goal isn’t meant, none of the money pledged will go to Ficly and no one will be charged. At this point to be so close to the goal is great, but Ficly continues to need that extra little bit […]

  • SxSW and the Pledge Drive

    A couple links for you to click if you’re into that kind of thing: My SxSW Panel submission – Called From Doer to Manager, I hope to talk about making the transition from individual contributor to manager and the steps in between. I don’t know who’s going to be on the panel yet, but the […]

  • The Ficly Server Support Project

    Ficly is doing fine, and it’s a nice break from work stuff to go play in something uncomplicated without a bunch of dependencies. The community is great and they produce some fantastic stories.\ As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m enamored with Kickstarter and asked them if I could create a project for Ficly […]

  • Ficly

    It’s not done, but I nagged Jason enough so we’ve launched it anyway!! I present to you, my dear readers… Ficly. There’s a long story to tell about how any why Ficly came to be and why we couldn’t leave well enough alone. I might as well tell it.\ Building ficlets, for both Jason and […]

  • Someone Doesn’t Like the Name “Ficly”

    \ (the ficlets bit starts about halfway through)\ Well yeah, when you say it that way. Seriously, I think stories will still be called “ficlets” because calling them anything else would sound silly.\ In other news, Jeremy Kieth and Simon Willison both posted about ficlets’ use of Creative Commons. Why did we do it? Well, […]

  • Ficly: Live After Ficlets

    Like a phoenix from the ashes, something new is in the process of being born. I give you ficly. It’s not much now, but we’re working on it in our spare time. Jason (he was the driving force that brought everything together) has been pushing things forward while my job’s been crazy and while I […]