The Ficly Server Support Project

Ficly is doing fine, and it’s a nice break from work stuff to go play in something uncomplicated without a bunch of dependencies. The community is great and they produce some fantastic stories.\
As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m enamored with Kickstarter and asked them if I could create a project for Ficly to see if we could get the community to help us out with the hosting costs for the coming year. I figured \$800 would cover the co-location facility and our Amazon bill (we store all the images people upload there and probably some other stuff in the future), and maybe some upgrades to Ficly’s box (I just realized I should add more RAM, for example).\
They said yes, and Wednesday night, I created the Ficly Server Support Project. In the first 48 hours, we’ve raised almost 75% of the total, and we still have 31 days to go!!\
If you can help out, I’d appreciate it. Ficly’s not going anywhere, but the help is definitely appreciated and makes things a little easier on Jason and me.\

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By Kevin Lawver

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