Canadian Music Day

I’ve decided that today is my personal Canadian Music Day. I started this morning with the CBC Radio 3 Podcast, and have now moved on to The Arcade Fire. I’ll probably finish up the day with The Constantines and James’ mix cd from SxSW ’05 (not all Canadian music, but since it was compiled by a Canadian, I’m declaring it OK).\
Update: Thanks to James’ aforementioned mix cd, I’ve found some more music to fill Canadian Music Day. This afternoon will be composed of (none of which I’ve listened to yet):

  • RheostaticsNight of the Shooting Stars
  • The Magnetic Fieldsi (oops, they’re not Canadian, but James put them on the CD!)
  • Martin TielliWe Didn’t Even Suspect He Was the Poppy Salesman
  • The New PornographersTwin Cinema\
    Yes, record companies, this is what happens when you let people play music on the internet – we buy more music. I never would have purchased any of this music if not for the internet, if not for mix cd’s. Give away a little, and people will return the favor by buying a lot.
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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. Hey that’s awesome! Anything that helps keep Martin Tielli in whiskey and cigarettes is a-ok with me. I’d recommend the Rheostatics albums Melville and Whale Music as absolutely essential to your collection, though. I think they’re $10 each on, which, by the way, offers lots of great Canuck goodness (Stars, Feist, New Pornographers, Rheos, etc.)

  2. If I were to have a Canadian Music day it would have to include Blue Rodeo and The Tragically Hip. (Who by the way pay props to the Rheostatics on their live disk, Live Between Us. Gordie starts the show by saying “This is for the Rheostatics…We’re all richer for having seen them tonite.”)
    If you’ve never spent any time with the The Hip, you should…one of the best live acts EVER.

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