Morphine Day!

No, I haven’t decided to become a morphiend. I’m talking about one of my all-time favorite bands, the amazing, soulful, power trio – Morphine. For no reason in particular, I’ve decided that today is Morphine Day and I’ll be listening to the wonderful sounds of the band, plus the related bands that came before and after: Treat Her Right and Twinemen (and I’ll probably even throw in Orchestra Morphine). Here’s the playlist:\
From Morphine (in order of how much I looooove them):

  • Bootleg Detroit
  • Cure for Pain
  • Good
  • Yes
  • Like Swimming
  • B-Sides and Otherwise (I might skip this one in favor of Sandbox)\
    From Mark Sandman:
  • Sandbox\
    From Treat Her Right:
  • What’s Good For You\
    And then Twinemen and Orchestra Morhine:
  • Live Boston, MA 10/23/03
  • Twinemen\
    In other news, my 30gb iPod is almost full…
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